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From Royal Heirloom to Cultural Icon: Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring



The editor of The Real Royals of Windsor. My hope is that this space offers you with the inspiration, tips and tools necessary for you to lead a more regal life.




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Garrard has a deep-rooted affiliation with the British monarchy, giving their jewelry a unique significance as it passes down through generations. The most iconic piece that embodies this legacy is undoubtedly Princess Diana’s engagement ring, with a striking sapphire centerpiece that captures the imagination.

A painted drawing of Princess Diana’s iconic Sapphire Engagement Ring by Garrard

In 2010, Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton with this same stunning sapphire and diamond ring. Garrard’s Design and Development Director, Claire Scott, describes it as “a truly mesmerizing piece,” with a flawless balance of diamond proportions and size that is nothing short of perfection.

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, royal sapphire and diamond Garrard engagement ring from Princess Diana of Wales Jewelry Collection
The current Princess of Wales has worn Diana’s engagement ring since her betrothal to Prince William in 2011. Chris Jackson

At the heart of the ring sits a Ceylon sapphire so captivating that it rivals Cleopatra’s prized jewels. 14 solitaire diamonds orbit this stunning sapphire, creating a breathtaking spectacle. The ring was originally given to Lady Diana Spencer by the former Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, upon their engagement in 1981. From the moment it was unveiled, this ring captured the world’s attention and continues to mesmerize to this day. It’s no wonder that the cluster engagement ring design has become increasingly popular, thanks to its enchanting association and unique design.

Princess Diana Royal Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring from Princes Charles of Wales
The photo that launched countless imitations: For their official engagement portrait, Diana wore a blue suit to match her eyes and sapphire ring. Tim Graham

The sapphire cluster design can be traced back to the Victorian era when Prince Albert commissioned a sapphire and diamond cluster brooch for Queen Victoria as a wedding gift in 1840. The Queen even wore it as her “something blue” on her big day, adding to the brooch’s allure. Fans of the ITV drama “Victoria” may have seen a replica of the brooch worn by actress Jenna Coleman. The original brooch was also a personal favorite of the late Queen Elizabeth II, a true testament to its timeless beauty.

Princess Diana Sapphire and Diamond Royal Engagement Ring by Garrard
The Princess of Wales wearing her engagement ring on 28 August 1996, the day her divorce from Prince Charles became final. PA Images

Garrard’s relationship with the royal family dates back to Queen Victoria’s reign in 1843 when she appointed them as her Crown Jeweler. Garrard’s designers began creating opulent diamond and gemstone patterns, including the iconic cluster setting, which draws inspiration from the Queen’s beloved sapphire brooch. This signature design has been used to create bespoke engagement rings for the royal family and other esteemed clients throughout history. Today, Garrard’s 1735 cluster engagement rings continue to attract clients eager to sport a contemporary version of this classic design and create their own stories on their ring finger.

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The editor of The Real Royals of Windsor. My hope is that this space offers you with the inspiration, tips and tools necessary for you to lead a more regal life.

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