From The Knot to The Crown:
I traded in my corporate job for the royals. Leaving Weddings for the Windsors? Some might say I've gone from one type of crazy to another. And, well, they wouldn't be wrong.

Listen, as a former wedding industry pro, I'm not just a fan of weddings. I'm an enthusiast, a connoisseur. A bonafide addict, as it were. But let me tell you, when it comes to royal wedding gowns, I'm like Mia Thermopolis with a foot-popping problem. Except my symptoms include weak knees and an inability to form coherent sentences.

The King. The Queen. The Corgis. The titles. William & Harry. Buckingham Palace. Those beefeaters in red with the ridiculous floofy hats. The ominous ravens at the Tower of London. The spooky dungeons with their dark secrets. Castles older than sliced bread (seriously, though). It's all so overwhelmingly, bewilderingly, and majestically...well, royal. Isn't it? 

Oh, hello there, my loyal readers! Fancy a chat about the most scandalous family in all of the land? That's right. We're diving crown-first into the world of the British Royal Family - or as I like to refer to them, the Windsors.

Hi, I'm Lauren! And if you're anything like me, you've already inhaled every season of Downton Abbey, binge-watched The Crown's latest installment, and are currently counting down the seconds until the next season of Bridgerton drops. But now you're left with a large, gaping hole in your oh-so-common life. A "royal withdrawal," if you will.

Well, don't despair, my dear damsels! I'm here to fill that void and I have just the remedy to cure all your royal blues. So side-saddle up and get ready for a ride through the scandalous world of British royalty. And who's holding the (wild) reigns? Yours truly.  [here comes the smolder..]

I'll be your unofficial royal expert guiding you through the ups and downs (more downs than ups if you're 2020) of the aristocracy - the secret affairs, political maneuverings, and all the juicy gossip you can handle. Trust me, it's like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but with WAY more castles and tiaras. Oh - and better costumes, too. Crumpet?

The Primer

While some recollections may vary, ours don't.

I've been keeping a hawk-eye on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal escapades for the past six years, and let's just say it's been quite the wild ride. While opinions on the Sussexes may vary, I think one thing we can all agree on is that their decision to part ways with the royal family has caused a bit of a... well, stir.

Some say they're just chasing the American Dream, while others accuse them of being traitors to the Crown. But around these parts, we know there's more to the story than what the tabloids would have you believe. 

Move over, Earl Grey - we're spilling the tea on the British Royals and things are about to get juicy. So grab your cups, hold onto your saucers, and for goodness sake, watch out for the corgis! We're about to unleash some scandalous secrets that will have you clutching your pearls and reaching for your teapot faster than you can say "God Save the King."

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Have you done any screen shopping at J.Crew lately? Uhm, WUT! The royally-approved American label recently got a new creative director and their new collection will make you *swoon*. Brendon Babenzien is recalibrating and getting the brand back its joie de vivre.

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Don't forget to enjoy the game.

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Pretty sure I have the DeMellier New York Tote in my cart on at LEAST six different websites.

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If you can be one thing, be kind. Politeness may seem like a relic of a bygone era, but it's a powerful tool for building meaningful connections and treating others with the respect they deserve.

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The ICONIC Lady Dior Bag. Princess Diana's prized possession is back in vogue and i just can't stop thinking about her (the bag, that is).

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"Vulgarity is no substitute for wit."



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of wisdom.

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